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Quick start guide to starting a profitable blog !

Step 4 : Start blogging -


Right now your blog is just a skeleton, a platform waiting for you to start filling it up with content. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do in this step.

I want you to do two things:

  1. Populate your blog with at least six post – That’s right, I want you to write and publish at least six posts initially. That’s because it “fills up” the front page of your blog and makes your blog look busy.

    Think about it. If you just have one or two articles on your blog when your first visitors start streaming in, it’s unlikely those visitors will come back. Your blog looks dead. So give your visitors a good reason to come back by giving them some of your best advice in those initial six posts.

  2. Commit to blogging regularly – Once you’ve populated your blog initially, then you should commit to blogging at least once a week. Depending on your blog, you may even do it more often (even daily). But the point is, make a schedule and commit to it.

Now let me share with you three tips for creating good blog content…

Tip #1: Write engaging content -

Do you remember some of those text books you read back in school? You know what I’m talking about, the ones where you had to struggle to keep your eyes open? You’d read the same passage over and over because you just couldn’t focus on the dry, dull text.

Heads up – do NOT create blog posts like that!

Instead, you need to create posts that educate your readers while entertaining them. If your posts are entertaining without being useful, you’re not giving your readers what they want, so they won’t be back.

If your posts are useful without being entertaining, your readers will likely seek out sources that are a joy to read.

So how do you make your content engaging? Like this: ⇓

  • Tell stories. Don’t just give a step-by-step process. Instead, tell a story. Personalize it. Find the “human interest” angle and milk it.
  • Get interview –Turn to the experts and ask for interviews. Just edit out the boring parts of the interview so that your readers (or listeners) stay engaged.
  •  Use plenty of tips and examples – This is a great way to make complex concepts
    more understandable.
  •  Insert multi-media –You may do a lot of text-based posts, but try throwing in a video or podcast from time to time.

Tip #2: Create content that encourages interaction -

If you create useful and entertaining posts, then there’s a good chance that your blog readers will naturally start commenting on your content. But to increase the interaction, you can use these three tips:

  • Encourage comments. This is where you specifically tell your readers to comment
    or you ask for their opinion. For example, you might add this to the end of your post: “What’s your take on this issue?”.
  •  Publish “comment worthy” content. No one is going to fall all over themselves to comment on a “how to” piece that they’ve seen hundreds of times before. But make offer a novel strategy or make a controversial post, and you might just see your blog light up with comments!
  • Post interactive features. This includes features like polls, surveys or anything else to get your readers involved .
Tip #3: Offer regular features -

The final tip is that you should create regular features that you post on a weekly basis, such as “The Tuesday Tip” (where you share one really good tip) or “The Friday Round Up” (where you share the best news tidbits and blog posts from the week).

There are two benefits to creating these weekly features:

  1. Makes your site sticky. These features give your readers something to look forward to. And that means these visitors will come back again and again, just to see what you’ve posted in this week’s feature .
  2. Commits you to blogging regularly. Yes, it’s a bit of a psychological, which works to keep you motivated to stay on track. Basically, if you’re so much as a few hours late on posting your regular feature, you’re very likely to get your regular readers asking why you haven’t posted it yet. And that’s very motivating!

Once you populated your blog with some good content, then you can move on to the next step

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