Affiliate Content profit

Share someone's content & make money

Do you often see your Facebook friends sharing articles, news, videos, etc on Facebook? And they didn’t create these content because those were created by other websites.

They are just merely sharing…
In fact, you may have posted or shared as well. BUT what if. You could be making real money by just doing that?

Affiliate Content profit

Affiliate Content profit is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. You don’t have to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on Mashable, New York Times, TechCrunch and pretty much wherever you wish!

This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action like a button linking back to your website

The question is how it's work

  1.  Find trending website content created by others.
  2. Put YOUR OWN affiliate offer on other people’s website content (by using the cloud-based App).
  3. Share the website content on Facebook, other social media websites or with anyone to start making money online without selling at all!

I Know It Sound Like Difficult But let Me Explain You In Details so you can understand properly with illustration.

Here In This post , I will take “Chetan Bhagat Blog post ” as an example and his Book will be my offer.
Sound Interesting Right ?

Let get start

Below you see it is an screenshot,i took it from Chetan’s Bhagat Blog for this example . The picture you are seeing is what i will promote on any social media 

-> Here is the actual link to promote and you can see the picture below

If You share this link directly to Facebook group or any Facebook Page, everyone will see the post,They might love it or share it to their timeline. (Even We did that when we see the great content or any pictures which is worth sharing) Right !

Instead of sharing Chetan’s Bhagat blog directly to any Social media, if i use Affiliate Content Profit to do the same task in smart way and make money .

In this example ,i will use Chetan Bhagat’s Book from as an offer ,which will be added to the Call-to-action (C.T.A) and Chetan’s Bhagat blog URL to post on any social media. 

Above you see an image which is same as old one ,you will see everything same but at the bottom extreme left, you notice something. Right !

What do you find from NEW image ?

  • Content – Same as old one
  • URL -it different, Sorry i forgot to capture the link.
  • Message box- Its different from old image after using A.C.P- Affiliate Content Profit. We find out that we can embedded any affiliate to any place we want and saw message with C.T.A – Call-to-Action that an affiliate link. You can click the link or click the second picture to see the result 

Best thing about this web-based software :

  1. You DO NOT need to have your own website. You only post website content created by others,  and start making money online for yourself.
  2. You do not need to get any Third Party cloaking service or any tracking service like clickmagic,clickmeter etc to hide URL and track your AFFILIATE link respectively.
  3. You do not have to pay anything to get started.
  4. You will get training on how to do it ,it would take you not more than 15 min to get started

But don’t get so excited when you see it’s advantages, every product comes with pro and cons so here are some of the cons to be considered –

  1. You can’t build any relationship with the customers ( in short you can’t build mailing list).
  2. You cannot guaranteed the link, you posted will click by Someone unless SPAMMY headline or any manner.
  3. Using this method,you will not be able to make passive income.
  4. Sometime this system is buggy,not a big deal though but everything is save.
From above paragraphs you know it’s merits/advantages and demerits/disadvantages of what A.C.P: Affiliate Content Profit is capable of.

Below you will see the screenshot after i posted on Facebook – (Preview)

Conclusion :

Everything has to start somewhere, and now, this is your time to get started and make some money on the internet.
Don’t just sit there — take action

Expect that some things might be trickier than others, and that you WILL make mistakes. each mistake is a hugely valuable learning experience for you, so don’t be scared of them!

The people who get the most success as affiliates are the ones who just keep bashing through, making mistakes and learning. 

Hopefully that will be you!

Thank you for reading
— Kishorchand 

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PPS: It work’s on any affiliate program ,you just need the RIGHT Content to share and appropriate Affiliate program to work with ..