Types of lead magnets

Lead Magnets 

Lead magnets (like free eBooks, reports, etc) can be used to draw more subscribers to your website as a by-product of affiliate marketing. In general, lead magnets are incentives to entice people to give you their email addresses.

What they are getting in exchange needs to be something of value that would interest their subset of the niche you are promoting. The incentives that you offer may have to be created specifically for that group.

Here are some examples of lead magnets

  • Checklists – Checklists are easy to read in a bullet format and can be used over and over to assess progress. The information you provide should give the reader a step-by-step process to follow that will add some value to their life.
  • eBooks – Who wouldn’t want a book for free? Digital products are easy to download and can be read on a variety of devices making it portable. Make sure yours is optimized for mobile devices and tablets.
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  • Free resources – These would probably appeal more to those who deal with website design or another area of technology where a free resource might consist of snippets of code, stock photos, free or “lite” versions of software products or samples.
  • Email courses – Courses in your Inbox are like correspondence courses (if you are old enough to remember those). Just for sharing their email address, the get a week long course that provides helpful information about a topic like how to plant a vegetable garden, how to protect your face during winter or how to tweak your website design to attract more visitors. The content of the course is up to you.
  • Free access to upcoming events – Maybe you are hosting a webinar about skin care or featuring experts in the field. Anyone interested in that topic or some portion of it would love to tune in. The fact that you are offering then a chance to participate for free is a win-win for them.

But also, keep in mind that your prospects are very careful about guarding their email addresses.

They’re not going to give up their address for a Run-Of-The-Mill lead magnet. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re Offering Lead magnets with these characteristics –

  1. They’re valuable : Even though you’re giving it away for free, It should be something that you could easily sell .
  2. They’re desirable : This is key – if people don’t want you lead magnets, then no one is going to join your list

How do you make sure you have an in-demand lead magnet?

Simple: you find out what other lead magnets in your niche people are getting excited about.

One way to do this is to go to a marketplace like Clickbank to find out what other people are buying.If people are laying down good money for a particular kind of product in your niche, then you can bet they’ll happily exchange their best email address for it.

The second way to find out what’s popular is to check out what sorts of lead magnets and other content your competition is delivering.

You can do this by:

  • Subscribing to their mailing list to see what type of content they repeatedly deliver.
  • Read their blogs to see which posts are popular (e.g., they get a lot of comments, or perhaps they’re even featured on the blog).
  • Follow them on social media to find out what sort of content they’re sharing, and which of these pieces are popular among their followers.

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